The Injury Prevention Alliance is a dedicated organisation comprised of highly skilled educators, doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors who play a vital role in promoting injury prevention and wellness within the dance industry. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, they make a significant difference in ensuring the health and well-being of dancers. Guidance, education and support  Collectively, the Injury Prevention Alliance makes a significant impact on the dance industry. Their collaborative efforts and specialised knowledge help performance athletes develop strength, technique, and resilience while minimising the risk of injuries. Affordable programs for educators and dance aligned companies prioritising injury prevention and providing comprehensive care, they support educators, studio owners and dancers in reaching their full potential and enjoying long and successful careers in dance.

Meet our team

Tyler Heath

Australian made athlete specialist Tyler Heath is our lead educator. 

Tyler is the founder of ADA, head of training for Dance Cirque and program writer for FlexAbility. Tyler specialises in keeping athletes and coaches safe in an effective and fun way. He has been instrumental in delivering some of the worlds most trusted training programs.

With a strong dance background Tyler left the competitive dance and spent his early career travelling the world with companies such as Cirque Du Soleil, International Ballet Theatre, Carnival and Acrobatic Arts. 

Tyler now calls Sydney, Australia home and is the Head of training for Dance Cirque, the worlds first and largest curriculum for safe Circus in dance schools. 

Tyler and the team at IPA developed and constructed a dancer program in conjunction with Dance Cirque called FlexAbility, the first program for dancers and educators providing mobility, injury prevention and education to dancers and studios world wide.

Tyler understands our clients needs, wants and expectations. Working with upcoming professionals in dance, circus, gymnastics, high performance sports, pole art, skiing, cross fit and horse vaulting.

Tyler constantly educates himself and surrounds himself with likeminded individuals. He trained and competed musculoskeletal  anatomy with Harvard University. Has the upmost passion for guiding, training and supporting fellow educators and passing on all the knowledge he has to surrounding communities. Tyler is currently studying Applied Sport Psychology.

Dr Nick

Dr Nicholas Dilley, is our resident Doctor.

English Born and an Australian citizen, Dr Nicholas Dilley  completed his MBBS at the prestiges King's College of  London in 2014.

Dr Dilley, as his patients call him, specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Dr Nick oversees techniques, anatomy, structure and operations of all our programs. Making sure that all our clients, especially females are fully functioning and confident. 

Dr Nick believes in the resilience and recovery of the human body with strong injury prevention awareness and training, he strives in maintaining confidence both physically and mentally in athletes and mentors. 

His knowledge and expertise of the female body ensures our clients get the best information, knowledge and treatment.

To assist our athletes and educators, Dr Nick is currently developing a pre and post natal program with our team.

Dr James Morong

Dr James as his clients call him holds his MBBS MPhil from UQ. 

USA born and bred Dr James spent his early years in sunny California before making his way over to Australia to pursue his medical career.

Dr James believes in providing the most up to date knowledge alongside safe practical views on the human body and how it should best function.

Dr James kindness, wittiness and extreme medical knowledge insures all our team are providing safe, effective and fun programs.

Dr James is currently a consultant in the USA whilst training in gender reassignment practices.

Tara Mann

Tara Mann holding her BSC (Honors) and MSC (Forensic Science) is our mentor of all things up in the air. Teaching aerials, circus, flexibility, mobility, acrobatics, hand balancing, and safe stretching with enthusiasm and a focus on safety.

She holds certifications from Aerial Arts, Alixa Flexibility, Dance Cirque, FlexAbility, IPA and ADA. She actively trains aerial hoop, silks, corde lisse, and hand-balancing. 

She is passionate about keeping her students and herself injury free. 

One of our most valued team members, Tara keeps training progressions sustainable, while ensuring injury prevention is at the forefront of her teaching.

Coach CJ

Having grown up in the performing arts, CJ was always born for the stage. Completing the majority of her training at Lee Academy. CJ continues her regular advanced training whilst professionally working in the industry. Holding her Advanced DIP in dance, IPA qualified & Dance Cirque certified she is an all-round gun, recognised by both studios and students across Australia. Her most recent role at the Sydney Opera House production of Lè Hotel left audiences speechless. Touring Singapore and Bali performing for corporate events alongside being a feature performer for Hamiltons Theatrical, CJ is a force to reckoned with as there is no act or skill she cant make work.

Coach Charlottte

Charlotte Whiter has over 20 years of experience with performance athletes, primarily dancers, within the industry. Currently completing her second year of the Royal Academy of Dance Certificate for ballet. She is an IASF qualified Cheerleading coach, IPA qualified and NAT Massage cupping certified teacher. Charlotte trained at Ev & Bow Full Time training in 2019 but due to a serious injury she reluctantly had to withdraw. With this came Charlottes passion for injury prevention. Charlotte constantly engages, educates and is active in the industry making her a vital member of the IPA team.

Rhiannon Lambert

Growing up in Sydney as a part of the inaugural Ev & Bow full-time course Rhiannon worked with Sarah Boulter, So You Think You Can Dance and Australian Dance Theatre.

Then taking her career overseas she worked with companies such as: Hong Kong Disneyland, Princess Cruise Lines, The Crazy Paris Show at The Grand Lisboa. After her Escapades she was excepted into Cirque Du Soleils database. Rhiannon now calls Sydney home and is an active member in the injury prevention, dance and fitness industry.

Her qualifications include and are not limited too. Mat Pilates. Pre and Post Natal Pilates- Barre Body, Barre- Xtend Barre, Yoga, Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, TRX, Indoor Cycling.

Rhiannon is currently completing her BA in Psychological Studies

Priding herself on resilience and athletes healthy careers, Rhiannon plays a vital role in the IPA team.

Coach Amy

Amy Minchin is a descendant of the Aboriginal tribe “Kamiloari” and was born and raised in Canberra.

Amy is the eldest of three children and has always had an interest in performing arts.

Having attended and graduated from NAISDA with a chairmans award in 2011. Amy worked within the commercial and Indigenous industry she then returned home to open up a new dance studio in Canberra called “Dream Danz Studios.” 

Dream Danz Studios was created to inspire the Indigenous and Non Indigenous Youth in Canberra to assist in their dance goals and dreams. 

Amy has been an active member or IPA and their courses since its conception. She is an advocate for safe dance practice and injury prevention. She is currently studying cupping technique with the NAT. 

Amy brings a wealth of both personal and educated training to our clients alongside a cultural understanding. 

Coach Gabby

Head Acro teacher and MSJ Productions manager.

 Gabby has over 20 years teaching experience in all styles including Jazz, Tap, Music Theatre, Singing, Acrobatics and Dance Cirque. 

She holds qualifications in Acrobatics Arts module 1 and 2,  A cert 3 in Musical Theatre (WAAPA), Certified Tapatak and IDT teacher, IPA level 4 and currently still working as a performer, lead vocals for the sort out cover band “Flyte”.

 She also practices as a Fencer, being an athlete she understands the importance of taking care of your body especially as a young athlete. 

Her goal is to create safe sustainable facilities that will stand the test of time in whatever sport or art they choose to pursue.

Gabby brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to our athletes as an active and positive coach in the industry. 

Gabby resides in WA and is in charge of our Western Australian clients making sure they are feeling safe and up to date in industry techniques.

Dr Brooke 

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