Why our alliance exists

Angela Lau - Founder of Australian Dance Festival

"I have been struggling with chronic tightness and persistent issues in my neck for quite some time. Seeking relief, I turned to Tyler, and I must say, his expertise truly made a difference. During the session, he skillfully scraped my neck, and the sensation was incredibly pleasant. But what amazed me even more was the result it brought. My neck felt noticeably more extended on the left side compared to the right, which was a positive change for me.

I cannot thank Tyler enough for his expertise and personalised care. He has truly made a positive impact on my well-being, alleviating the chronic issues that have troubled me for so long. I wholeheartedly recommend Tyler's services to anyone seeking relief from neck problems. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!"

Olivia Barker - 3x World record holder, aerialist, dancer, contortionist/ Currently touring with Circus Royale

"Before using IPAs programs i had a mild to extreme pain in my back when performing my skills. Alongside  issues with my ribs popping, i am proud to say that using the training, resources, programs and FlexAbility program made by IPA and dance cirque i am now injury free and performing at my best both physically and mentally"

Robyn Parras - Founder of  The Dance Apprentice and Director/owner Prodigy Performing Arts

"IPA was an incredible course for our teachers. They gained so much knowledge from IPA in both anatomy, training our students safely and how to spot acrobatic skills. Our classes run so smoothly and all of our team from our  assistants to our head coaches are all on the same page which keeps our classes consistent! Our students are

Just loving their acro classes and so are the parents because they know our team

Have been trained correctly!"

"The Injury prevention alliance have allowed my studio and companies to have the guidance, support and knowledge to excel both financially and injury free. The IPA team are always ready to help me excel and educate myself and my team on all things injury free specific, helping me protect and educate the future of dancers and performers."

Rebecca Skinner - Founder and CEO of Epic Studios Australia

"IPA Gave my business the knowledge and tools to have all my facility, students and teachers progressing in a safe and conducive manor. By far the best investment i've made."

Kali Dew 

"Our daughter was showing a lot of interest in acro and it was suggested to us by our studio director that we should work with Tyler. From the first session, we have felt confident in knowing Addy is learning in a safe environment. Tyler has ensured that Addy is developing her skills appropriate to her ability and safety is always at the forefront of Tylers work. Addy’s progress in the past year has been phenomenal and injury free. We are grateful for Tyler and IPA. "